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Sitting there watching you tease me as you pull up your shirt barely showing your breast I grow ever excited and hungry for you.  Not letting me touch is just driving me insane.  I want you so bad.  Finally your shirt is all the way up while you pull at your perfect nipples, making them so hard it makes my mouth water.  I blow on your inner thigh.  your hand goes down pulling your shorts to the side revealing your lack of underwear.  I just want a taste of those juices flowing out of your excited pussy.  you play with your hard clit flicking it faster and faster.  I stroke faster and faster letting you set the pace.  my hand on your thigh I continue stroking while my tongue goes in and out of your wet pussy gulping you up.  The sweet taste covering my mouth.  as you flick even harder and faster.  You come close to climax and I slam into you filling you with my cum.  you moan wildly wanting more and more.  We get interrupted and must stop at the worst possible time.  The pouty face you give just drives me wild.  You continue to beg for more hard cock.  You want to bounce on it.  You begin to flick your clit again I start stroking keeping up with you.  Both of us cumming together and you shaking wildly with passion as I cum inside you yet again….  Then the car pulls in the drive as we are both wanting so much more.

We need to get a hotel room!