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All day I work thinking of you.  I was asked to drive today to pick up bags.  The ride between locations began to get excrutiating.  My fitted jeans were tugging in the front and my animal wanted free.  He yearned for you.  Like an untamed wolf howling at the moon he kept trying to get out of that cage.  Finally a long lunch break.  I drive away without flaw I start quickly unlocking the cage to let the animal free.  A little wearey and jetlagged it flings all around and hits the steering wheel, which I won’t lie here hurt worse than anything in my life, but the wolf still searched for its wet cat.  It never found one unfortunately you were all tied up.  It continued to hit me in the abdomen while I drove off cell phone in one hand steering wheel in the other.  I remained as composed as possible, finally pulling off the road at a quiet rest area. I first looked around making sure I had the all clear a couple of ladies were getting into their cars and pulling off as I shut off the engine.  No extras needed as my wolf had made it easier all on its own to be stroked and petted.  Oh how it longed and yearned.  It howled as I stroked it wanting so much more.  I thought of that kitty and how wet it got the last time.  I still recall the scent it left behind.  Giving him a rough stroke he left something for me to have to clean later.  I continued a little more wildly now using both hands to control the untamed beast as it pulsed wildly with passion and hunger.  My heart started to race so I slowed down petting him very nicely and more gentle thinking of ur soft tongue I ran a finger over every popping vein just as he heard the sound no animal wants to hear.  The alarm to get back to work.  I felt like I lived in the inner city again with the constant sirens.  I gave him his last hard stroke, wiped everything and him down, and caged him again.  Having to hold him in with one hand while locking the cage with the other just so he wouldnt get caught in the door.

I was in a rush to finish out that work day.  No one had ever seen me file, type, or do any of my regular duties so fast.  There was not a thing out of place.  To the point where a co-worker even called me OCD.  She asked if I had a problem I shrugged her off, but at the same time I was thinking yes I do, but not the kind you think!  I remember in high school there was a girl who got me excited, but back then we were allowed to carry those huge trapper keepers to hide behind.  What can I hide behind now? 

I barely got in the car before he was released from his cage.  locking up the door and starting the engine.  I decided to do something a bit dangerous.  first I set up my phone to come through my car speakers so I wouldnt need an extra free hand, I buckled in, and put it into drive.  Once I was on the road I started slowly stroking trying HARD to concentrate on the road at the same time.  I knew if I got caught it would be bad and possible jail time, but I didnt care.  I had been having a HARD day all day LONG!  at every stop sign or red light I would go as fast and as hard as possible.  The city driving became quite fun and exciting since there are several stops. ( I would like to say goddess bless my friend for having tinted windows on the car he was letting me borrow. btw payback you know who you are.)  Finally I got to the last stop before 20 minutes of open road and fast speeds.  I reached into my bag getting out the toy he loves best.  I stick it just below him while holding him.  He hoals wildly sending druel down his jaw.  I drive on 55 medium speed in both respects.  60.. a little faster..  65 pounding the pavement..  70.. omgdess…  and 75 I can hardly breath he is drueling and I am shaking wildly even my legs start to shake the thrill excites me even more.  I was hoping to catch up with you on that backroad wanting u to catch me and tame him.  When I knew it wouldnt happen I drove at speeds that cant be mentioned and continued the fun times which finally CAME to a great finish!  I slowed and pulled off onto a strange gravel road to park momentarily.  I leaned back in my seat regaining my breath and getting my heart to a normal pace.  Still stroking just slowly now the druel continues to poor out as my knees shake and everything in my body strains and tightens even my toes curl up and tense the finaly is here.  ooooooo ya baby.  I want your tight cat I want my wolf to be tamed by it.  I want ur lips to again kiss my wolfs nose.  Ungripping my unleashed pet it falls into my lap tired and worn and finally spent.  It falls fast asleep.  I search quickly for my towel once found I take the soft white hand towel and drop some of my water on it from my nearly full water bottle and begin to clean up any and all messes that were made.  Giving the final polish to the silver wolf.  I caged him easily this time only one hand needed not even a fight.

Back on the road again.. no one the wiser… 

It was a good time but would have been better if you had been there.  Think you could make it better next time?