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The lights dimmed, no one can see a thing, you sit wondering what is about the happen.  I swear loudly burning myself in a room behind you.  Not thinking anything of it you sit and wait, just purplexing on what could possibly be happening.  You can see the shadows begin to dance as I wheel out an enormous cake with 33 candles on it, while singing happy birthday to you in french.  All you can say is that my tie is ugly.  I tell you to make your wishes and blow out the candle before our apartment catches on fire.  While your eyes are closed I remove the tie and hand it to you with a note that says you can do what ever your evil little mind can think of with my only piece of clothing. 

What seems like forever to me as I stand there naked before you, I begin to feel ashamed and aware of every flaw on my body, and the nervousness overcomes me.  You feel it in you and tell me to stop as you blow out all the candles with one gustful blow.  Putting some frosting on your finger you raise it to your lips and I watch intently you slip the tie around my throbbing cock and pull me to you, whiping it on the head and licking it off. 

You take complete control over me.  I go to my knees and worship you as my goddess and only queen.  You stand before me “remove my clothing”, you say firmly.  first your shirt gets lifted over your head revealing those perfect breasts I want them so bad my hand reaches “Rethink it”, you say to me just before I get to the nipple.   I pull down your shorts and panties with one quick swoop and go back to my knees awaiting your next order. 

“stand” you say in an angry voice as you grab the tie and lead me to a dark room down the hallway.  You sit me in a chair back to back with another man.  Without a word you begin to tie us both to our chairs.  When you come to our legs you explain the rules in a very clear and conscice manner.  “Do you understand?”  I shake my head yes towards you. 

“IF you break any rule you will be punished” says another snaughty voice from across the room.  Both of you stand before me kissing and pleasing one another and as you do my penis begins to throb for you, doing its own dance.  both of you kneel in front of me taking turns rubbing my manness with your fingers as gently as you can.  I moan quietly.  She steps away and begins to do things to the man tied behind me.  You start licking the tip of my cock looking at me innocently the whole time, and take the whole head in your mouth sucking on it violently leaving a hickey.  This makes me errupt for the first time. “I told you no!” You finish swallowing and licking up all the mess I created and walk away with your female friend whispering. 

“You two have been very very naughty”  “Now its time to be punished!” she says as you just stand there and grin with your lovely nakedness.  I get blind folded. I can feel the ropes changing as the chairs become untied from one another and he is wheeled beside me and tied there.  You tell us what is happening so we don’t become frightened and take turns giving us each your gentle touch.  I breath in each of your lovely scents and instantly I calm knowing that it is you before me. 

I can hear whispering but can not make out what is being said.  “DO NOT MAKE A MESS THIS TIME” you yell at me as a firm grip takes hold of my hard cock.  I feel a cold splatter hit it and from the scent I knew it was lotoin.  The stroking is hard and fast I moan wildly imagining you bouncing on me with your naked breasts bouncing freely.  You untie my hand and move it to ur aching clit and begin to rub it in circles along with your own hand I gladly help running my hands all the way down to your ass and back up I stick one finger all the way in getting it as wet as possible bringing it back up to flick with you remembering your pace not realizing you were keeping pace the same as the pace being kept on my own cock.  I go to work with two fingers in your tight pussy pushing them in a little at a time loosening you up so I can get them all the way in there to that favorite spot of yours.  I pull them back out and rub one on ur ass and shove them back in your pussy as my pinky goes in your ass at the same time you let out a load lusterous moan bouncing on my hand.  You started to shake and I knew it wouldnt be long you pulled my hand out and the stroking stopped on my cock I felt you lower yourself on and could hear the loudest screams from beside me.  “mmmmmm” you moaned as you let me further in you pushing your back to my chest.  I bring my free hand around cupping your breast pushing you down hard as I fill you with my hot cum.  I tell you to take it all and like it.  I break free of my binds and take over leaving only the blind fold on.  I slam in your tight pussy making you cum over and over again. 

Hours pass and my cock needs a break so I lie you over a desk and eat you like the birthday cake that we left in the living room.  Cleaning up any and all evidence I had left behind. 


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