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The smell of your hair draws me in as I stroke it gently.  Watching you sleep, I caress your soft face and kiss your tender lips.  I get you some much needed lip balm and you still do not stir.  I started to worry so I checked your heart, and surely enough you were just fine.  Just in a deeep sleep.  My hands get a mind of their own and wonder a bit from your heart beat caressing those ample soft white beautiful tastey breasts one at a time.  I wanted to taste but I decided to just look instead and imagine.  I loved the way you tasted the last time and I hope to taste it again.   Those juices flowing over my face as I gobble them all up you moan and clench your knees around me.  Even though it hurt I loved every minute of it. 

ps I am really looking for a hotel but I cant afford it until next month.  I hope you can wait till then.


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